Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 1: As I Lay Dying (2)

I read for another 15 minutes Friday and 30 minutes today.  I am approximately a quarter of the way into the novel and I hate it.  The characters who are talking and narrating the story do not make sense.  Their speaking vocabulary is low; the rest of the novel, however, uses large words which most students would not understand.  I do not even recognize some of the words being used.  If the novel is not holding my attention how is it going to hold the attention of a high school student or keep them interested enough to do a project over it.  I think part of the problem with this book is that there is nothing for me to relate to.  It is set in the past and I have grown up and lived in a very different way than the characters in the book are growing up and living.  Instead of trying to understand this novel I am going to start a new novel this week (I am not sure which one yet). Hopefully I will enjoy it much more!

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