Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 2: To Kill a Mockingbird (2)

I cannot put this book down.  I only needed to read for another half hour but I can't stop!  This is one of those books which is easy to get into and follow along with.  I am to chapter seven and I can already identify with the characters.  Although my childhood was much different than theirs, my brothers, cousins and I had similar outings and similar feelings.  Also, I can feel what they are feeling.  One of the main characters, Jem, sneaks out at night and his sister, Scout, is very anxious and nervous waiting for him to get back.  I felt the same way.  I realized, after Jem made it home safely, that my heart was beating a little faster, and I was holding my breath!  Any book that can make you feel that type of emotion is a good book.  Laughing and crying with because of what happens in the plot line of a book is wonderful, but actually feeling what the characters feel... that is a well written book!  I am excited about following these characters throughout the rest of the novel and watching them progress.  This is a great book for high school students--they could easily identify with the characters.  I am not sure why I never read it.

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  1. Between your blog and Katie's, I am now feeling pressure to reread this book since I can hardly recall any of it. I read it in high school, but it appears to have dripped out of my brain over the years. Glad you are enjoying it! This is a reminder as to why some books are known as classics - they are simply excellent for a variety of reasons, for a variety of audiences, over a long period of time. Good start to reading and blogging!